Same Old Wombles

An unofficial podcast and blog about AFC Wimbledon and a peak behind the scenes of the greatest story in English Football.

A fan owned club that defies all odds.

Please note the views expressed on this podcast and blog are the opinions of each individual contributor and are not the view of AFC Wimbledon, AFC Wimbledon Foundation, AFC Wimbledon PLC, Wimbledon in Sporting History, The Dons Trust, The Dons Trust Board or any official AFC Wimbledon outlet.

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  • Dear Brentford,
    I am not sure what we’ve done to upset you.  I always thought we had a good thing going, but the last month has made me question our relationship.  Loved your gifts, guess I kind of thought they were for the long term, didn’t realise you were going to take them back {pause} without warning.    … Read more
  • Slow down there Senior!
    A clip from Dons Vlog of Seniors “shot” on Saturday. Sweet indeed.
  • Tuesday night Oktoberfest
    Tuesday night saw a very busy 6984 attending Plough Lane. The German beers must have been selling fast as some of the bars ran out reusable cups just before kick off with staff frantically trying to wash more. The food stalls were still queueing as kick off started. I imagine they all did a roaring … Read more
  • Fire Sale
    Now we’re in a period of stagnation like no other club across this nation Apart from Rochdale who spent 78 seasons in league two What about Crewe? their success has been few And Swindon and Bradford were Premier too But no, 6 promotions and 1 relegation in twenty years isn’t enough And I can hear … Read more
  • What a Pub!?
    I always used the back bar at Kingsmeadow pre game, afterwards time permitting, I would head to the main bar for the MoTM presentations. I preferred the back bar, it used a proper queueing system, had seats, until the hospitality got too big, and was not too busy generally to stand inside if cold, or … Read more
  • Welcome to the Same Old Wombles
    A new podcast by old wombles who think fan ownership is a good thing! This is a new podcast and blog about AFC Wimbledon by a few of its fans. We will discuss the football on the pitch, the activities around the club and community, the food stalls, the Dons Trust (owners of AFC Wimbledon). … Read more