Sponsor us

If you would like to sponsor an Episode of Same Old Wombles drop us a line below and we will consider it.

One Episode can be sponsored for a minimum of £150.

Adam will be in contact to finalise details and payment.

Once agreed Tall Mark will then read out your sponsorship details and any links can be added to the show notes, at the next available episode.

You don’t have to be a business either it could be a shout out to your friends or family.

At the end of each season we will take any sponsorship money (minus any small expenses for running this website) and donate the funds between DLAG and The AFC Wimbledon Foundation, a fully transparent blog post will be explain what we where able to do in the close season.

However, we are picky and will only get back to sponsors we think chime with us, so those pro fan ownership, well minded individuals, local businesses around south west London and specifically those with a clear ethical, environmental and diversity agenda are going to be high on the list of acceptable.

So why not drop us a line and sponsor a show for £150 and give to DLAG and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.