Season 2 – Episode 7 – Posh Pod

Mark steps back from SoW, and is not on this week or for the foreseeable future while a DTB member, we read his statement and as a the 100% unofficial positive podcast we are not happy.
We recap something from our never to be reposted episode 6, our frustration at the DTB, the PLC and confusion at Ed Leek being brought back on as a casual board member.

We are Same Old Wombles.

Marks statement :

Hi there – here’s a statement from Mark Lewis

For those wondering why there was no episode last week..

In the wake of Danny Macklin leaving the club, we did record season 2 episode 6 of SoW last week and put it out. I then asked for this to be taken offline, as it wasn’t appropriate for a Dons Trust Board member to discuss these personal matters.

Since then, I have come to the conclusion that it is just not possible for Same Old Wombles to be the proper, independent, unofficial podcast it has always strived to be, if I or any of its panellists are on the Dons Trust Board at the same time. 

SOW and all independent podcasts done by the fans, for the fans, should have the right to (politely) call out the club, PLC or DTB for anything these groups may have done or said, without fear of recrimination. Equally, all DTB members have to be allowed to continue to hold the PLC and the club to account, without worrying about whether anything said in private will then be repeated in a podcast or anywhere else for that matter.

I have not and would not ever betray the collective responsibility I have as a Dons Trust board member on the S.O.W podcast – for now though I feel I sadly must step down from being part of the podcast, for the duration of my time on the board. 

It’s been a blast which I thoroughly enjoy and hope to do so again in the future.

As Arnie said, I’ll be back..