Episode 5 – The Bard of Plough Lane

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Fire Sale by Matt Couper

Now we’re in a period of stagnation

like no other club across this nation

Apart from Rochdale who spent 78 seasons in league two

What about Crewe? their success has been few

And Swindon and Bradford were Premier too

But no, 6 promotions and 1 relegation in twenty years isn’t enough

And I can hear the rebukes and I can hear the rebuff

Let’s sell the club, we’ll be a success.

Who is buying league two, who has that excess?

How much should we sell for to our mystery buyer

A million or two, you’re thinking much higher.

What would they want for the money they invest?

The players, the staff, the ground and the rest

Who will you turn to if things go wrong?

If we go on a bad run, told not to sing that song

If they take away your access, your pies and your beer

Change the kit colour and don’t shed a tear

Will you form a committee and make a complaint?

But who will listen to the demands that your make with restraint?

Before you chase this wonderful bliss

Just hope that your dreams don’t turn to piss

Yes it’s not good to lose at home or away

But this club’s amazing and I want it to stay

With players we can meet after the game

If we sell up now it just won’t be the same

In case you’re thinking that I want relegation

No I don’t and I want a different formation!

So come you dons let’s turn it around

For the supporters who shout and sing in our ground.