Episode 27 – Regulate


It’s a weird and wonderful world if you come from Wimbledon

This week we talk about the fantastic 4-0 win for the women’s team over the unbeaten Hashtag United and the possibly chance to catch hashtag and win the league and that exclusive one up promotion spot.

The high probability that the men’s play off hopes are over, after an annoying 2-1 loss away to Gillingham.

And Matt’s updating his play on the Story of Wimbledon. Premiering this Summer at Plough lane if he gets the crowd funding link below.

And yes some numbers!

Back Crowdfunding For A Fans Club live now – https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/a-fans-club
AFCW Women – https://afcwimbledonwomen.co.uk

AFC Women Next game at Plough Lane 2PM 5th March

Dons Vlog video on Gillingham game and info about new food truck at AFC Wimbledon 28th Feb – https://youtu.be/lw5951tGtC0