Episode 1 – Same Old Wombles

Here we go we have finally started and have now recorded episode one. (or maybe episode minus one you may never hear…)

Apologies for slightly poor audio throughout, we (Adam) only captured zoom audio on his device and he had to do some compression to clear up a bit of on going hum, Adam is a bit out of audio recording practice.

However after the first couple of minutes the audio gets better – as Adam remembers to turn off his room fan near his microphone! and as his mac was also backing up to the cloud after being asleep for a few days he thinks this didn’t help. (he is on holiday) We hope to record each audio track independently going forwards for crisp audio as this does matter.

Niall was also in a car park proper remote zooming in so who knows how we will deal with him !

Enjoy, we don’t have a social media account yet, Tall Mark can deal with that soon.