Dons Trust Board Election 2022 Unofficial Hustings 1/3

Session 1 of 3 unofficial hustings events in the run up to the 2022 Dons Trust Board Elections.

Session 1 was chaired by Hazel Potter and Joe Blair.

Candidates for Session 1;

  • Chris Philips
  • Julian Ehrhardt
  • Adam Procter
  • Richard Shepherd

LINK for further information on election and manifestos

LINK to proboards were you can ask further questions of the candidates

Questions for every session

Question One

Why are you standing and if elected, at the end of your term, what would you expect to be able to highlight as specific achievements you had helped the Board deliver? How will your own professional and/or personal experience help you to deliver?

Question Two

What do you see as the 3 immediate challenges for the club over your prospective term on the Board and what, specifically, do you suggest the Board should be doing to meet those challenges? How would Wimbledon Supporters be able to judge that those challenges had been met?

Question Three

Longer term, what do you see as the strategic role of the Dons Trust Board and what would you like to see it focus on? Aside from the priorities/challenges already discussed, are there any specific things you think the Board should or shouldn’t be doing?

Question Four

Do you think deeper and/or wider Supporter engagement with the Trust is required? If so, what specifically would you do to drive that and how would supporters be able to judge success?